II ------ Posted - May 17, 2014 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred eighteen may 15th, 2014

nathan shows up to help us enjoy our next past life, 5 stages of drunk people, ghost sex, uptalking, other news and thoughts, short scary short story, movie/tv picks, high times comics

intro: manchester orchestra

halftime: mock orange

outro: electric light orchestra

II ------ Posted - February 26, 2014 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred ten february 26th, 2014

nathan joins in for a second go and we're all just being a stereotype, marslantis, floridian saint, cleaver bank robbery, coffee enema, other news and thoughts, word association, d. matthews, movie/tv picks, josh's (sex poetry) journal

intro: bobby "blue" bland

halftime: saxon shore

outro: anathallo

II ------ Posted - January 11, 2013 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred four january 9th, 2014

she was pretty sloothy with our new friend natty-ice, ufo, guns in vaginas, dc talk, zombie/vamp hunters, other news and thoughts, embarrassing christian guilt, word association, movie/tv picks, josh's journal

intro: mxpx

halftime: giants

outro: mxpx