II ------ Posted - November 8, 2013 ------ II

uptalking friends episode ninety-eight november 7th, 2013

another day...another weakphrase from brent franklin, matt joins in for this week's podcast, hits that won't quit, ufo, government actor, stolen motorcycle, blockbuster, banana spider, other news and thoughts, word association, movie/tv picks, josh's journal

intro: dashboard confessional

halftime: mogwai

outro: norma jean

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uptalking friends episode sixty january 10th, 2013

matt's house (matt's rules, josh's booze), mlb halls, jay-k, yahoo answers, invisible driver, matt's champ, bill murray stuff, movie/tv picks, tweet ups and letters, xanga, news, o.c.

intro: underoath

outro: every time i die

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uptalking friends episode forty-three august 7th, 2012

it's our one year anny ep and matt is here to uptalk, see if you can guess who's f'd, the ai, red burrito f-up, jodie's vacation/josh's laziness, float trips, quiz, dirt, movie/tv picks, xanga, tweet ups and letters, news, o.c.

intro: local natives

outro: five iron frenzy