Jeremy) and Rachel)


II ------ Posted - June 9, 2014 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred twenty june 5th, 2014

read a cup of this with jeremy (and rachel), cucumber master, fake cop, teleportation, white boys texting, quiz pt 1, movie/tv picks, josh's emails, quiz pt 2

intro: the get up kids

halftime: zomboy

outro: the strokes

II ------ Posted - March 15, 2012 ------ II

uptalking friends episode mj twenty-three march 13th, 2012

it's our mj ep!, josh, jeremy, and rachel have been too free with sir richard, jeremy and rachel join us and we can't keep our shit together, mj love, news, o.c., just a big f'n mess

intro: quad city dj's

outro: mustard plug