My name is Andy and I was born about 30 years ago. I started writing really angsty poems when I was four. I would love to say I stopped but I'm not sure if that's true or not. I did my first shot on my tenth birthday and it's been all foregone conclusions since then. I am currently working on a poetry chapbook, a spoken word album, several short stories, and a one-act play. I could eat Reuben sandwiches and nothing else forever and be happy. As a matter of fact, I might. I like puppies, kittens, and baby Tigers. But humans and human babies are generally pretty stupid. So yeah. There's all that.


II ------ Posted - December 16, 2013 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred two december 12th, 2013

andy stops by and we're changing our name to tacos in texas, ufo, pranking the drunk, death by shopping, swords=tacos, instagram=felon, other news and thoughts, word association, horror-scoping, movie/tv picks, tweet ups/letters, josh's journal, andy's monologues

intro: deer tick

halftime: album leaf

outro: nico

II ------ Posted - August 30, 2013 ------ II

uptalking friends episode eighty-eight august 29th, 2013

40+ minutes absinthe with andy, ufos, wwf fan, bank robbery fail, other news, movie/tv picks, tweet ups and letters, josh's journal, the final o.c.

intro: the appleseed cast

halftime: unwed sailor

outro: surfer blood