II ------ Posted - January 23, 2016 ------ II

uptalking friends episode one hundred seventy-one january 14th, 2016

you got the flu with amanda, ufo, rob a monk, sperm switch, knit-a-kid, molly rampage, other news and thoughts, word association, seinfeld, movie/tv picks, josh's journal

halftime: explosions in the sky

outro: big d and the kids table

II ------ Posted - August 29, 2015 ------ II

uptalking friends / uptalking girls supplemental episode 6 august 19th, 2015

supplemental episode featuring uptalking girls, ashley madison, ufos, things that annoy us, california, josh and dustin, talking lots of shit about dustin and josh, summer sausage, josh is gay

halftime: plainsong